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The articles below were written about operations conducted  by Killer Troop and the rest of 3rd Squadron “WOLFPACK”. 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment to destroy enemy forces during "Operation Iron Saber".

27 April 2004 New York Times Article

26 June 2004 New York Times Article

26 June 2004 Washington Post Article

27 June 2004 Washington Post Article

11 May 2004 Army News Service Article

11 April 2004 Knight-Ridder Article





If you were a member of Killer Troop during Operation Iraqi
Freedom and have pictures e-mail them to

If you were a member of B CO. 2/37 Armor “BATTLECATS”  
and worked with Killer Troop either as part of Team KILLER
or Team BATTLE please send pictures or video to

Team Killer consisted of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd platoons Killer
Troop, and 1st platoon B Co. 2/37 Armor.

Team Battle consisted of HQ Platoon, and 3rd platoon B
CO. 2/37 Armor, and 4th, 5th, and 6th platoons Killer Troop.

If you were assigned to 2-6 Infantry and conducted
operations with Killer Troop, we would like to set up a page
for your unit, so please send pictures or video to

"KILLER LEADS THE WAY" is dedicated to the troopers of Killer
Troop, 3rd Squadron "WOLFPACK", 2nd Armored Cavalry
Regiment for their sacrifice and accomplishments during
Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 & 2.
Killer Troop deployed to Iraq in April 2003. The troop spent
1 year in Baghdad conducting mounted security for the
Coalition Provisional Authority as well as numerous counter-
rocket security patrols in sectors R03&R04.
On April 4th 2004 the Shiite cleric Al Sadr started an
uprising that quickly spread through southern Iraq. Killer
troop was alerted to move in to the Najaf area that same
day. This was the start of “Operation Iron Saber. In the
following 90 days Killer Troop conducted combat operations
in Najaf, Al Kut, Kufah, and Diwaniyah. In June 2004 a
cease fire was granted to Al Sadr and his Mahdi Militia and
Killer Troop deployed back to FT. Polk, LA on July 12th
2004 with the rest of 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
On the pages of this website you will find numerous articles
written about the troops endeavors in Iraq.
During “Operation Iron Saber” Killer Troop conducted
operations with several different units such as B CO. 2/37
AR and 2-6 INF. These units are mentioned in the articles
posted on this website and this site is dedicated to the
accomplishments and sacrifices of those units as well.


Christmas 2003

New Years Day Toast 2004

April 26 2004 Attack

Iraqi Kids

Killer Troop In Contact on Bridge 3, Al Kut, April 9th 2004